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Ски и сноуборд на писта може да карате и през късна пролет, дори и през лятото. И не е нужно да ходите в Южното полукълбо, където сега е началото на зимата - Европа и Северна Амерка предлагат превъзходни условия през най-свежата, слънчева и топла част от целогодишния ски сезон. Ето къде може да покарате пистови ски през месец май 2012 - информация на английски >

Most ski areas in the USA are now closed but a few dozen on the west side of the country are still operating and some plan to continue right through May. There's been little new snow in the past week on the west side of the country although ironically there has been more snow in the East where nearly all centres are closed.

Those that expect to have at least four weeks of the season (in some cases at weekends only) to go include Sugarbowl, Donner Ski Ranch and Mammoth Mountain in California, Alyeska in Alaska, Crystal Mountain in Washington State, Mt Bachelor in Oregon, Snowbird in Utah and Timberline in Oregon - which should open through to September.
"While most resorts are shutting down, our spring season is just getting started!" said a resort statement from Mammoth, which has up to 2.4m lying on upper slopes.

Also still open are Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows in California (with Kirkwood also open this weekend) and Arapahoe Basin and Loveland in Colorado.

Mt Baker in Washington State still has the world's deepest sanowbase at 727cm (just over 24 feet) but plans to close for the season after the coming weekend.

On the East Coast Seven Springs ski area in Pennsylvania made history yesterday (Tuesday 24 April) by re-opening after around 20cm of new snow fell, making national headlines for the latest ever ski area opening in the region. Jay Peak in Vermont says it expects to re-open this weekend and has up to 30cm, of snow lying.

Article by Patrick Thorne

Here is the www.skiinfo.co.uk guide to skiing in May 2012...


At Whistler, Blackcomb Mountain's operations have been extended to May 28, 2012.

"We are enjoying another fantastic winter season here in Whistler so spring will have to wait just a little bit longer," says Doug MacFarlane, Whistler Blackcomb mountain operations manager. "We've got some of the best spring conditions we've ever had. Extending the ski season on Blackcomb and giving the people what they want was an easy decision."

Marmot Basin and Lake Louise in Alberta are also open the first week of May while Sunshine near Banff, which has reported record snowfall this year, is open another fortnight to nearly the end of May.


Ruka has the longest ski season in Finland and probably the longest season of any non-glacier ski area in the world.  It expects to be open to June again this winter, almost all lifts and runs are open as we end April with temperatures hovering around zero. It usually keeps one or two main runs open through May and June.  The resort's 2010-2011 season ran from 18.10.2010-12.6.2011 with a total of 239 skiing days.


There's no longer year-round skiing in France, but Tignes, host of the European X Games last month which once opened 365 days, still has by far the country's  longest season and is  scheduled to open to May 8th, along with Europe's highest resort, Val Thorens.  After that there are no ski areas scheduled to be open in France until summer skiing begins in late June.


With most of Italy's remaining ski areas closing in the first few days of May and summer ski destinations like Val Senales and Cervinia not opening until at least June, the country's remaining May skiing is offered by the Presena Glacier above Passo Tonale where normally several challenging runs (intermediate level or better) are available.


Niseko had another good snow year, perhaps topping the world snowfall chart this winter with nearly 22m (66 feet) of snow reported.  The snow is still lying thick and deep but it closes May 7th. After that one of the best bets may be to head to Gassan ("Moon Mountain" in Japanese), a small ski areas with a glacier in Tohoku Region's Yamagata Prefecture which has one of the world's oddest ski seasons - being open from May to July each year.


The summer ski season kicks off in May in Norway with Folgefonn normally the first to open early in the month followed by Stryn (24 May) and Galdhøpiggen.  Each centre offers skiing, boarding and summer camps on the country's highest and biggest glaciers.


Riksgränsen in the Arctic Circle in Northern Sweden has long been known as one of the world's best destinations for late spring skiing, with the snow still fresh and less affected by the freeze-thaw spring skiing conditions at this time of year at resorts at more southerly latitudes.   It also offers the novelty of 24 hour daylight from later in the month with skiing and boarding in the small hours under the midnight sun.  2012 snow conditions are reported to be excellent.


Engelberg has had the deepest snowbase in Europe all winter and at the time of writing it was still lying 6m (20 feet) deep up on the resort's Titlis glacier, where the season continues to 28 May this year.

Other Swiss options include Zermatt – open year round, and Glacier 3000 above Les Diablerets which plans to stay open to the end of May.  The Diavolezza glacier in the Engadin Valley near St Moritz is a further choice.


Mammoth Mountain in California has long been one of the best bets for spring skiing through to June or July in the USA and despite an unusual snowfall-short winter, frequent heavy snow storms through March and April have given the resort a good base and it has so far announced it will be open at least to the USS Memorial Day holiday at the very end of May.

Elsewhere with a 100-inch (2.5m) base, Snowbird in Utah is still open for skiing and boarding, and says it will, "continue running lifts as long as the snowpack and other conditions permit."  Crystal Mountain in Washington also plans to stay open beyond May and Timberline in Oregon is a third choice.


The ski season in the southern hemisphere is unlikely to start until early June unless there is unseasonable early snow.  Typically Afri-ski in Lesotho (www.afri-ski.com) is one of the first to open, scheduled for June 7 this year, along with resorts in New Zealand.

Elsewhere in Europe, Scottish ski areas are keen to prove they can deliver snow sports after being forced to close through March due to record warm weather.  Three were open for the final weekends of April and with the weather still cool, may open in to May.

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